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Decom srl si occupa della realizzazione di manufatti di carpenteria metalmeccanica medio-pesante destinati al mondo industriale.

Decom srl deals with the production of medium-heavy metalworking carpentry products for the industrial world.


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30 years of Decom
70 years of experience

// 1950-1964

The roots

Decom srl was founded in 1990, but today it has over seventy years of experience thanks to its founder, Mr. Salvatore De Simone who at the age of only nineteen in 1950 set up his first business on his own for the production of light carpentry mainly intended for the construction world.

// 1965-1989

Historic site and transition to the industrial world

In 1965 the construction of what will be the company’s historic headquarters in Cava de ’Tirreni began which, thanks to the foresight of Mr. De Simone, was already designed in order to satisfy a more industrial market. This transition materialized in the early 70s when the production area was doubled and the production of medium-heavy target carpentry, intended for the national engineering industry, and light, mainly intended for the construction world, began.

// 1990-2020

Birth of Decom srl

In 1990 the engineer Vincenzo De Simone joins the company and at the same time the current organization was born. In the same year, the first contacts were made with the Nuovo Pignone of Florence, at the time the ENI group, then General Electric, today Baker Hughes, with which a strong partnership started, a relationship that continues today and that has firmly positioned Decom in the sector of Oil & Gas with strong specialization in the production of gas turbine and compressor baseplates.

// 2021- today

New factory, new possibilities

In 2021 the transfer of the company to the new plant in Salerno was started, which has a production area more than tripled compared to the historical site, as well as allowing to bring home a fundamental asset such as mechanical processing that has always been carried out in outsourcing. Furthermore, thanks to the huge investments made in the field, Decom aims to establish itself in new sectors such as railways, naval and boiler works.