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Decom srl si occupa della realizzazione di manufatti di carpenteria metalmeccanica medio-pesante destinati al mondo industriale.

Decom srl deals with the production of medium-heavy metalworking carpentry products for the industrial world.


Via Firmio Leonzio, 12 - Salerno


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Decom srl visits the “Galilei-Di Palo” high school in Salerno

How much enthusiasm this morning at the “Galilei – Di Palo” – Salerno Higher Education Institute for the presentation of the company!

Accompanying the Human Resources manager, Dr. Francesco De Simone, and the production manager, Pasquale Maisto, there are some very young ex-students of the institute, who have quickly become an integral part of the Decom staff. This demonstrates the fact that Decom is a company that believes and invests in the training of new graduates and all those intending to approach this fantastic and complex sector.

Good luck to the students who will start their internship with us and in the other realities of the area in the coming weeks!

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