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Decom srl si occupa della realizzazione di manufatti di carpenteria metalmeccanica medio-pesante destinati al mondo industriale.

Decom srl deals with the production of medium-heavy metalworking carpentry products for the industrial world.


Via Firmio Leonzio, 12 - Salerno


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A new production plant in Salerno financed through the CDS405 Aeromeccanica Development Agreement signed with Invitalia SpA

A few months ago the new Decom production plant was inaugurated in the industrial area of ​​Salerno: a state-of-the-art site dedicated to the realization of metalworking orders, with improvements in terms of logistics and integration of the production process.

A great investment that will allow us to attack new markets and satisfy the demands of our customers with greater quality.

Eng. De Simone Vincenzo — General Manager Decom

A big step forward that can raise productivity and quality offered to the customer and that will allow the company to further expand its product range.

Decom has invested in new technologies and in the modernization of the machinery used. The new mechanical processing department represents a fundamental step for the company, allowing it to offer new services and be even faster in deliveries.

New spaces, new production horizons

With over 6000 square meters of production area, Decom aims to become one of the strongest companies operating in this sector in the entire national territory.

Product innovation, expansion of the commercial network, continuous investments in production facilities and human resources to be included in the work team represent some of the main objectives of the company for the next two years.

Decom S.r.l. is the proponent of the CDS405 Aeromeccanica Development Agreement signed with Invitalia SpA as part of which it is carrying out a project to expand the company’s production capacity through the acquisition of an industrial factory and the implementation of more modern and efficient production systems.

Financial support in the amount of 44.53% of GGE was recognized for the implementation of the investment program.

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