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Decom srl si occupa della realizzazione di manufatti di carpenteria metalmeccanica medio-pesante destinati al mondo industriale.

Decom srl deals with the production of medium-heavy metalworking carpentry products for the industrial world.


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Decom srl opens to the students of the IIS “Galilei – Di Palo”

Decom srl welcomed with enthusiasm the students belonging to the fifth classes of the Mechanics address of the IIS “Galilei – Di Palo” of Salerno, accompanied by the teachers and the principal Emiliano Barbuto. The purpose of the visit was to observe in practice the notions that the students have learned during their studies and to encourage them in the choice for the experience of school-work alternation.

The day began with a moment of company presentation, in which the students were able to learn about the history of the company and the context in which it operates. Subsequently, thanks to the visit inside the production plant, they were able to touch the complexity of the product and the processes carried out.

This moment was also an opportunity to express the total appreciation by the company towards the work done by the school director and the teachers of the school, which already in the past, downstream of the school-work activities, has provided the company with resources that are now fully operational and on which to focus strongly for its future.

In fact, young people are the center of the growth project that Decom is implementing for the years to come.

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